Grandpa helps pay granddaughter’s medical bills through Santa

A grandfather is working as Santa’s helper again this year (December 2012) but this time it’s to help his granddaughter. Charles Pittman spent seven holidays as Mississippi’s Official Governor’s Mansion Santa Claus. Although he retired from the mansion, money he raises this Christmas as Santa’s helper will benefit his 3-year-old granddaughter, Claire Cox. “Her [Claire]… [Continue Reading]

Grandfather Died Trying to Save Granddaughter

The grandfather who died in a Connecticut Christmas fire that claimed the lives of five people tried desperately to rescue one of his granddaughters as the house was being engulfed by flames. The grandfather, Lomer Johnson, made it out a third floor window and onto the roof before being overcome by fumes. “The grandfather was… [Continue Reading]

Have-a-go hero grandfather uses sledgehammer

A grandfather who put his life on the line to protect his family business and three-month old grandchild from raiders welding a gun and meat cleaver, claims the country has “gone to the dogs”. Heroic Peter Stubbs was enraged when he saw two armed men burst into his off licence, so he grabbed hold of… [Continue Reading]