One brave mother’s fight to change bereavement laws

A mother who lost her young son in a tragic accident is now running a single-handed campaign to get statutory bereavement leave extended for parents who lose a child from the current three days to at least four weeks.   Lucy Herd’s 23-month-old son Jack drowned in their garden pond in August 2010 when Lucy took… [Continue Reading]

Parents fed up with mindless ‘la la television launch their own channel

A couple who created their own children’s programmes because they were so appalled by ‘nonsense’ such as the Teletubbies have become an internet hit. Jezz Wright, 44, and Julianne Martin, 35, were regularly having to switch off the television because they believed the shows on offer were ‘numbing’ their two young children’s brains. The married… [Continue Reading]

Woman Saves Her Twins From India’s Feticide

In February of 2005, Dr.  Mitu Khurana discovered she was pregnant with twins. Immediately her mother-in-law demanded that she undergo tests to discover whether the babies were boys or girls. Mitu refused. She knew she would love her children no matter what sex they were. She also knew that if it was discovered that they were girls, her… [Continue Reading]

Mother sacrifices her legs to save children from tornado

Children remain unscathed as mother shields them from falling debris. As a tornado ravaged through her two-story house in Marysville, Ind., all Stephanie Decker could think about were her children. The storm completely demolished her home and she lost parts of both her legs in the process of shielding her 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter… [Continue Reading]