UK riots: the heroine of Hackney Pauline Pearce reveals why she took a stand

SHE was dubbed the “heroine of Hackney” when she bravely stood up to a gang of ­looting rioters in East London. Grandmother Pauline Pearce’s ­barn-storming speech scolding the yobs became a global internet sensation watched by millions. And fearless Pauline said: “I don’t regret a second of it. I’d do it all again. “We owe… [Continue Reading]

Handbag-wielding supergran

A grandmother who took on six sledgehammer-wielding robbers with her handbag has dismissed her bravery, saying “somebody had to do something”. Ann Timson went into action when she saw a gang attacking a jewellery shop. The 70 year-old, who has previously tackled drug addicts and prostitutes on her local housing estate, said she stepped in… [Continue Reading]