Human Rights

Human rights champion Bamber dies

Human rights campaigner and early member of Amnesty International Helen Bamber has died, the Helen Bamber Foundation has announced. Leading figures from the charity world and film stars Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, have paid tribute to the “human rights icon”. Ms Bamber was a psychotherapist who began helping victims of torture and atrocities aged… [Continue Reading]


We stand up for one million young unemployed adults. Launched by the 23 year old LOTTIE DEXTER in January 2013, the Million Jobs Campaign is committed to representing young unemployed adults . We make their case in the media and push politicians – from all parties – to help them. The Million Jobs campaign is fuelled… [Continue Reading]

Former maverick MP takes aim at countries where abuses run rampant

Former maverick MP Kilgour takes aim at countries where abuses run rampant When David Kilgour, Edmonton’s maverick-idealist MP, retired from politics after serving from 1979 to 2006, he marked the event by breaking in a pair of new sturdy, deep-treaded brown boots. The next month, he scaled 5,199-metre Mount Kenya. A few days later, he… [Continue Reading]

Lord Denning, controversial ‘people’s judge’

Lord Denning, the most celebrated English judge of the 20th century, who died on 5th March 1999;  just six weeks after his 100th birthday, leaving an unprecedented mark on the development of English law. A judge for 38 years, he was known as “the people’s judge” for his willingness to override precedent to do what… [Continue Reading]


Human rights belong to every member of the human family regardless of sex, race, nationality, socio-economic group, political opinion, sexual orientation or any other status. Human rights are universal. They apply to all people simply on the basis of being human.   Human rights are inalienable. They cannot be taken away simply because we do… [Continue Reading]