Nominate a Hero

Heroes help remind us of our moral fibre and our ‘duty of care’ to all……

A Hero could be someone who’s given up their own plans to help others shape and fulfill theirs, it could be someone who has been on the wrong side of the law but have turned their lives around and are inspiring others to do the same, or someone who has shown courage in the face of adversity, or a person who donates their time and/or money to others, or perhaps those who sacrifice their lives everyday doing what they believe….making this world a safer place.

Even as children, we were aware of many heroes’, each with their unique ability to make things better.  A hero could be within your own circle of family and friends or your neighbour, teacher, nurse, work colleague…..the list is endless….


You can nominate anyone of any age for a HeroNation Community Awards Recognition Event (CARE). Please choose what you feel to be the most suitable category from the list below – some nominees may fit in more than one category, so  the CARE team will ensure all nominations are considered for the most appropriate award.

Nominations will require evidence that the achievements, commitments and dedication outlined in the application form has brought benefit to any given community, group or individual.

The Judging Panel

Finally the panel will need to ratify the application before an award will be made. It’s possible in some cases that additional information may be sought and this can be supplied by post or email in most cases. This robust process ensures the award is meaningful, and well-deserved.

Nominees will be chosen by the CARE Independent Judging Panel, from a shortlist produced by the CARE research team, who will carefully consider nomination received.


All nominations received will be carefully considered for the HeroNation CARE Awards Show 2017.

Thanks for nominating a Hero!