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When we’re young, we assume heroes’ to be flying through the air with their cape flapping in the wind or jumping into their batmobiles or snaring villains with their spidey webs.  Whoever the hero, it was always the same concept; someone who gave us the hope and belief that tehre were still some good in this world; someone who we could safely rely on to put right any wrongs.  Even as children, we were aware of many heroes’, each with their unique ability to make things better.

The amazing thing is, there are ‘superheroes’ all around us today and they could be as close as within our own family.  They may not be flying through the air at the speed of light or able to make themselves invisible at a drop of a hat, but never the less, they are still heroes’.  Our modern day heroes’ still come in all shapes and sizes….and get this….even animals….yes animals (remember Lassie!?).

Heroes help remind us of our moral fibre and our ‘duty of care’ to all.  It could be someone who’s given up their own plans to help others shape and fulfill theirs, those who have been on the wrong side of the law but have turned their lives around and are inspiring others to do the same, those who have shown courage in the face of adversity, those who donate their time and/or money to others and even those who have sacrificed their lives doing what they believe in….making this world a safer place.

A hero could be within your own circle of family and friends or your neighbour, teacher, nurse, work colleague or even a bus driver who actually waited when they saw you running for the bus (miracles have been known to happen!!)…..the list is as endless as there are people and more than ever it seems we still need these heroes  if only to help reinstate our faith in humanity in a world almost saturated by a celeb culture and where countries are in turmoil over famine, war and dictatorships.

Anyone is capable of being a hero to someone, it only requires the mental ability and a love for their fellow man…enough love to make a difference in a persons life; the ability to put someone other than themselves first and the courage to do what is morally right and it doesn’t just have to be what a person has done it could be quite simply how they’ve made us feel.  Maya Angelou once said “people may forget what you said, people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Recent events have shown us that we are certainly not short of modern day heroes and how better to honour and remember these people than to have them immortalised on this site as a permanent tribute and reminder to their humility.

Do you know someone who has gone “To infinity and beyond“?
Do you know someone who made you feel “Up, up and away“?
Do you know someone who you consider to be “Incredibles“?
Do you know someone who took on baddies because it was “Clobbering time“?
Do you know someone who has helped make your area a “Friendly neighbourhood“?
Do you know someone who knows how to “Make a bad ting good”?

If the answer to any of these (and more) is yes, then this is the place for you where you can upload your stories, pictures and clips and tell the world about  your Hero or simply to say thank you to a special someone who made a difference in your life.


Thank you.