Kind McDonald’s employee helps elderly man cross the road

38E8932000000578-3813274-image-m-9_1475140982538[1]A kind McDonald’s employee took time out from flipping burgers and dishing out fries to walk an elderly customer across the street.

Crew member Jonathan Mitchell, who works at the Eltham branch of the fast food chain, in south east London, said it was his ‘civic duty’ to help the man in need.

Drivers spotted Jonathan assisting the pensioner as he made his way safely across a busy road – and couldn’t help but take a picture of the heartwarming act.

Jonathan, from Charlton, has remained modest, simply explaining that helping others was how he was raised.

He said: ‘When I was growing up my parents always told me to look after people especially when they get older.

‘Some may not have family members around all the time and need extra help when they’re out and about.

‘He’s a regular and we all make sure that he has a good experience when he visits.’

Mother-of-five Michelle Griffiths was one of those who spotted Jonathan.

She said: ‘We were stopped in traffic and I saw the McDonald’s worker helping an old man cross the road, I took a picture as it was such a sweet moment.

‘We were only there for about two minutes, but as soon as the man had crossed the road the McDonald’s worker put his hand up to thank traffic.

‘I just thought it was so cute, such a sweet thing to do and a really nice thing to see.

‘It was just a pure act of kindness for him to go out of his way the help the man, he seemed a really nice guy.

‘It’s nice to know there are people like that out there.’

Jonathan, who won employee of the month in August, added: ‘I just think that in general we should take care of the elderly and make sure they are ok.

‘I’m quite proud that I’ve helped someone to get home but it’s something that I, and other staff members, do.’

A McDonald’s spokesman said: ‘We are really pleased with the attitude and kindness Jonathan showed towards this customer.

‘He is well known to our restaurant staff and each time he comes into our restaurant special care is given to ensure he is comfortable and that he leaves safely.

‘Our restaurant team are testament to the brilliant and caring young people we employ up and down the country and we look forward to welcoming this gentleman back in store soon.’

Source:  Alex Matthews

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