News at Ten’s Tom Bradby Dived into Harbour to Save Greek Man’s Life

bradby_1848127b[1]ITN journalist says he saw elderly man drive car off harbour wall and dived in to try to help but could not save him.

The ITN journalist Tom Bradby has described diving into a Greek harbour in an unsuccessful attempt to save the life of an elderly man who apparently drove his car off the harbour wall.

Bradby, 48, who was recently announced as the main presenter of ITV’s News at Ten, wrote in a series of tweets on Sunday of how he saw the man drive his car off the harbour wall in Rafina. “Dived in, tried to help, couldn’t get him out. Completely shocking,” he wrote.

The journalist went on to allege: “Of the nine or 10 customs officials and police on the quay only one went in to try and get him out as the car sank. The rest watched. Jesus … Am shaking with shock and anger. So much for the Greek holiday trade being business as usual.”

Bradby was in Greece on an annual holiday with his family.

With his appointment as the main presenter of News at Ten, Bradby is one of the key faces of ITV. He has also established the well-regarded political show The Agenda and wrote the ITV drama The Great Fire.

A former royal correspondent, he gained an exclusive interview with Prince William and Kate Middleton on their engagement. He has also been Ireland correspondent, Asia correspondent, UK editor and political editor at ITN.

He has authored six novels, one of which, the thriller Shadow Dancer, was adapted into a film of the same name starring Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough.


Source:  The Guardian

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